Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where are all the Typewriters Repairmen

As a 2nd part to the WDIG Typewriter installment, it came to mind that as typewriters have become obsolete, so has the need of repairmen. Therefore, the question at hand is 'where have all the typewriter repairmen gone?'

Some theories:

1.) The repairmen have adapted in the technological world, moving to computers or other machine repairs.

2.) They have become historians. :)

Either way, I am in search for typewriter repairmen, and hopefully I can bring some betteranswers as to the story of the typewriter repairman, and where are they now.

BTW, I have found this typewriter art blog,

It is indeed unbelievable work, and check out Paul Smith's work.

Until next time,
Jeff, WDIG