Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to WDIG!

Hi all!

This will be the first of MANY installments. Where Did It Go aka WDIG (which I just found out this acronym is a radio station in Steubenville, Ohio hopefully I am not intruding in any legal copyright problems) is purposed to bringing awareness to all the things, people, places, ideas, or anything that have become hidden from the world. From typewriters to 70s bands, whatever the topic or focus is, every blog will try to bring some ways for where it went, why it went, where we can find it now, as well as some other interesting point of views and perspectives.

I'm not exactly sure if this format is/has been done already, but I think this is such a cool idea that I must launch this project! :)

If you happen to have something that you wish for me to write about, or maybe have some answers to what is discussed in Where Did It Go, then please do not hesitate and let us know... we would love all the support!

Cheers to the future of WDIG,

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