Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Did All the Typewriters Go?

Ahh, the typewriter. Nothing says retro technology like typewriters.

Whether it was the 1920's UNderwood or IBM Wheelwriter 2000, all of the typewriters have seem to fallen off the planet. NOW, maybe you are the one out of a million who still types away on these beautiful machines... however majority of us have moved on, using the typewriter's younger, much more popular brother, the desktop publisher.

A good point to make before I do any further is to ensure that I will make my best attempt to not bash the typewriter, but in the end of it all... the desktop is so much more efficient than the typewriter (which blame can be pointed towards the endless frustrations of jammed keys and numerous White Out jobs). Nonetheless, I have found myself at times finding an old typewriter and using it to add some nostalgic feeling to my creative writings.

So the first question that needs answered is: 'Where exactly did all the typewriters go?' as well, 'When did the typewriters go?'

I will arise more details to this discussion, however I can personally say that the only typewriters I have found are vintage, rarities that are sold on ebay or other auctions. Other than that, the typewriters have found home to attics, junkyards, or have even become pieces of abstract artwork.

If anyone has pictures of vintage typewriters that you would like to share... please let us know! We'd love to host a gallery of them!

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