Saturday, January 3, 2009

Antique Appraisals

Antique appraising is the process in which a certified professional will evaluate the worth of an antique. What makes antique appraisals so influential to the antique world is that they sets standards for what is appealing/not appealing with antiques, and most importantly it creates the demand and supply aspect of the antique market. Appraisers are in a way trend-setters, for they can influence the value of anything by simply saying so. Even more, antique appraisers can be found anywhere, and most likely there are more than one in your area.

When taking your antiques to get appraised, be sure to follow some of these tips:

- Do not ask 'how much is this worth?', for you will get a poor response. Instead, investigate with an appraiser.
- Appraisals are simply a standard estimate on the value. With that in mind, be prepared to have people give you extremes of that standard. It all depends on what your antique is, and who wants it.
- Never sell anything to the appraiser that gave you the appraisal. You could be scammed.

Antique appraisals can be a rather nerve-racking experience, but it is a necessary process in collecting antiques.

So, where can antique appraisals be done?

To get started in antiques, or in need of help finding an appraiser, go to, the best place to get in contact with professional antique collectors and appraisers. So, as long as you are collecting antiques, do yourself a favor and get your antiques appraised.

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