Saturday, January 3, 2009


Memorabilia is something that interests us all, a hobby to millions, and a lifestyle for many! Memorabilia collections can vary on all extremes of the spectrum, from sports to kitchenware to flowers. There is so much that goes into the appraising of memorabilia, the top major factors being rarity and condition. What makes collecting memorabilia so exciting is that one day the knickknacks that are worth pennies can become million dollar commodities the next. As well, memorabilia can be acquired from anywhere, form the internet to yard sales to top auctions.

Some of the most popular memorabilia are Star Wars, KISS, Obama, and Major League Baseball. Out of all the memorabilia throughout the world, covering over centuries in human history, there are some top valuable items.

Here is a little list of items that are almost priceless:

- Washburn 22 fret wing series hawk solid body with a double cutaway electric guitar. Sold for $5 million.

- Darth Vader's Mask (from Start Wars). Sold for $115,000

- Post Office Mauritius, 1847. Sold for $3.5 million

For those wanting to begin their adventure in collecting memorabilia, find a niche that you are passionate about, such as guitars or cars. Make sure that you collect items that are indeed memorabilia, which are things that are worth remembering. This is the most difficult part of the collecting hobby, for everyone has personal opinion, so one man's junk is another man's treasure.

For those already collecting memorabilia, then strengthen the value of your collection by acquiring pieces that are rare, or that are similar. For example, if you collect baseball cards, collect a specific team, a specific year, or both!

Getting started on memorabilia collecting can be a bit challenging, since there are countless possibilities. However, a great website to get started on your hobby, go to It has everything you need to get started, from finding a possible niche ot get into to connecting and communicating with other collectors.

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